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With the help of this article we will provide you step by step procedure for logging in or registering into America Express which will provide you satisfactory result. which is now popularly known as AMEX works in the field of providing financial services. It is a multinational corporation which is working in the field of finance and provides prepaid debit and credit cards to the customers of both retail and commercial field according to their needs and demands. It is ranked as one of the leading company in providing charge cards because they send the credit bills which needs to be paid along with the card at the end of every month.

It offers a wide range of range of AMEX cards which are designed keeping in mind the needs of all levels of people. Various benefits are clubbed with all the varieties of cards which add on in providing satisfaction to the customers. The cards offered by American Express can be used in all over the world moreover it offers 24*7 support and services. In addition, it also takes complete care related to security which helps in avoiding purchasing frauds and all other wrong deeds.

Their collection of cards include credit cards, shopping cards, reward cards, insurance cards, low rate cards, travel and insurance cards etc. The credit cards offered by them are really famous and is accepted worldwide, the charge cards offered by American express are widely used in business purposes. are offered by people at every place whether it be for booking of cinema tickets, paying restaurant bills, shopping etc. have gained huge popularity and has established great goodwill by delivering best financial services to their card users and is recognized as one of the best card issuers in the United Kingdom. Among all the cardholders in the United Nations, one-fourth of the proportion uses cards that are offered by American express. Evolution Journey

The journey of American express from a small scale freight industry to the largest issuer of cards was not an easy one. It was established in 1850 for fulfilling the freight needs of the people. With the time they earned trust of the people and stated to transfer most valuable things.

In late 19th and early 20th century they recognised certain financial necessities which were essential for the people to carry on their day to day livelihood. They utilised this opportunity and launched new financial services, products and other travelling services which helped them in making more revenue.

In 1850 they took the superior advantage and introduced charge cards, the only company which issued charge card. It was a completely new and convenient way of paying. With the time they kept on adding new services, products and cards to their list which helped them in becoming the largest finance company. Because of their continuous innovations now American expresscompany owns the largest network for payment in whole world.

With time all the services, products, and cards changed but the only thing which still exists is the commitment with our customers to deliver them the best. The main headquarter of American express is located in New York. Usage Details offers cards which provide great benefit and experience to its users. These cards contain great advantage and mind blowing deals. The cards assigned by American cards even contain cashback features and various exchange bonuses which makes the customers experience better and enjoyable.

People prefer those things which help them in getting a maximum discount and avail extraordinary benefits. Moreover, cards issued by are accepted widely throughout the world in all the affiliated stores, it even provides 24*7*365 service which makes the purchasing of its customers much easier and convenient.

With the help of these cards airline bookings, train ticket bookings, movie tickets, and payment of all other kinds of bills can be done easily and in much lesser time. You can also check American Express Gift Cards Balance Online.

These features of American express cards attract maximum customers towards itself and as a result, this company is now having a huge networking worldwide. Registration Requirements

There is a certain list of criteria that has been listed by American which is needed to be fulfilled in order to get yourself registered for availing Americanexpress/confirmcard.The basic requirement to attain this card is that the person desiring to get themselves registered for American express credit card must be of 18 or more than that.

Secondly the person applying must also clear all his/her credit history from governmental, semi governmental and non governmental organisation. In case one wants to attain commercial card then their company or organization, he/she must be 18 months old.  These are some of the basic requirements which need to get fulfilled in order to receive their cards without any difficulty.

 What are the Services Offered by different American Express Card

There is an ample number of varieties of cards available before the customers which are designed keeping in view the needs of all levels of people in the society. From the various options, they can select any card depending upon their preferences and needs. Here is a list of a wide range of cards which are offered by

  1. American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card: This card is designed keeping in view those people who love travelling and exploring different places around the world, these cards are even effective for those who need to travel different places for business purpose. With the help of it one can book their tickets for travelling whether it is airline, train or bus. They can even confirm their bookings in hotels before reaching that distant place which provides great assistance to the travellers. The introduction of this card by American Express has resulted to be a great relief for the travellers and made their travelling more memorable, enjoyable and free from struggles.
  2. American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card: This credit card is categorised in the group of most profitable card as it includes bumper offers, bonuses and huge cash backs. The owner of this cards tends to receive huge benefits from the financial institutionsand they get the advantage of using those benefits in different affiliated places .With the emergence of this card now people can easily avail heavy discounts, cash backs and other offers which is profitable for their effective shopping as they can now save more money even after purchasing of highly branded products and services.
  3. American Express Make My Trip Credit Card: The name of this card itself depicts the purpose of its introduction. American express recognised different needs of people and launched innovative financial services to satisfy their customers needs and demands which has made  them to get ranked in top financial service provider in the world. This is a great card which is easily applicable and provides convenient ways to alter the casual problems. Withthe use of this card the owner can easily avail various rewards and best packages when they plan a trip. Whether the trip is personal or a family one, whether a short or a long term vacation, bookings of all kind of trips are easily available and worthy enough with the liabilityof letting people have access to huge profit packages.
  4. American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card:

As the name certifies, this credit card provides numerous amount of benefits for the casual consumers who don’t want to spend much money and desire for getting the best services.

This card was introduced by American Express to deliver great beneficial rewards in a much convenient way with attached offers to its users certifying the fact that they enjoy a large number of beneficial services when they do purchase. When the owner uses his/her card to make the payment he/she gets certain credit points that are useful in the long run.

These credit points when collected for a certain time period become a huge amount and that amount then gets accessed over and thus gets reduced from the bill of purchase. Many times it also happens that if you are lucky enough you can attain travel vouchers and more such exciting gifts in return by making payments in at a small level as well.

Making large payments avails numerous amounts of packages, vouchers, and offers but making short payments doesn’t deny these offers as well.

Types of

Even AMEX cards has been categorised into different groups depending upon their characteristics and features. Here is a list of different AMEX cards which are offered to the customers for fulfilling their needs and satisfying them. The following are the card choices available for people as per their own service requirements. All these cards serve specific features aimed at providing the best services as per the client needs.

  1. American Express Gold Card
  2. American Express Platinum Charge Card
  3. The American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card

There are many more other cards in this list. However, these are the most popular and widely opted for American Express Cards.

Premium Credit Card

Now, let us talk about the detailed procedure for registration and confirmation of your American Express Card. You can do it yourself by navigating to the link To learn all the details regarding how to do so, follow this step by step guide as discussed in this section.

This article highlights the detailed procedure of obtaining an American Express Premium Card. You must keep in mind that the Premium Card of americanexpress confirmcard will be made available to you after payment of an annual fee of Rs. 50,000 only with taxes as applicable.

Now let’s focus on some of the benefits of the American Express Confirm Card that is available on

  • The Platinum Travel Card will provide you with the best services related to travel assistance and will make your journey peaceful, happy and relaxed.
  • The American Express Platinum Card gives you all the latest rewards and offers in the grasp of your palm. It also provides you with free travel accident insurance, purchase protection services, travelling medical insurance and various other types of offers and rewards.

There are innumerable reward redemption options for the points collected by you while using your American Express Card. These points are available at “AmericanExpress.Com/ComfirmCard” under your account. Apart from the vast amount of features discussed in this section, you get to enjoy an array of other features and benefits extended to you by American Express/Confirm Card.

Those people who are interested in applying for an American Express/Confirm Card should check the eligibility criteria of the AMEX card and then apply accordingly. This article will help you to know about and understand the eligibility criteria and other related information in detail as well as give you all the necessary information that you need. Eligibility Criterias

For availing an American express confirm card there are certain criteria which is needed to fulfill. Wondering from where will you get the list of the criteria which is needed to be fulfilled? The say good bye to your worries because this part of the article will deliver complete list of necessities which is required for owning a confirm card and that list of criteria is mentioned below:

  1. The basic requirement to apply for a confirm card is that the person planning to register for this must be 18 years old or more than that.
  2. Secondly, the credit score of the person applying for this card must be positive. Because this card is only allotted to those people whom the Institute thinks can repay their credit. Therefore having a strong credit background is very essential for owning an American express confirm card.
  3.  Minimum experience of 12 months or more in individual business or any other business is must for the person who is planning to register for confirm card.

These were the basic and most important criteria which is needed to be attained in order to become a card holder of a confirm card.

Precedence of using American Express cards

The list of advantages which a card holder can attain from American express cards is limitless. Because of the feature of providing unlimited benefits and advantages to its customers American express has now become the most preferable financial Institute worldwide. Almost one fourth of the total card holders are a customer of American express. The list of most prominent advantages offered to the customers by the American express cards and credit cards are as follows:

  1. This card provides easy and quick access because of which the owner can have a quick refer to the points and other rewards received by the card holder.
  2. It provides 24*7 support services which means that the card holder can have access to their credit point at any point of time and from anywhere.
  3. The technician of American express has utilised the latest technology of mobile commerce and with this innovation the card users can have complete access of their account through their phone itself.
  4. In order to provide convince to it’s customers the company of American express has launched an application named American Express/Confirm Card by downloading this application the card holders can easily get detailed information about their account, credit points and reward points.
  5. Customers can attain reward points on their every ride which they complete through Uber cabs. This reward is not limited to a particular number. The more times the card holder uses Uber cab for travelling the more he will receive reward points which is a kind of profit for the user.
  6. The points earned by the card holders can be retained directly at any point of time on any purchase.
  7. AmericanExpress.Com/ConfirmCard has launched a reward program in which the customers can attain various rewards on their purchase of gas.
  8. Reward points can be earned by the card holders on every purchase which they make whether it be booking of hotels, airline tickets, movie tickets, railway or bus tickets.
  9.  This card provides unlimited fun to it’s users by offering exchange coupons, trip vouchers, reward points, cashbacks etc.
  10. The card holders can swipe their card 24*7 i.e, they can make payments and do shopping at any point of time.
  11. With the help of this card the card holders can pay their households bills at any point of the time and from anywhere. The launch of this card has made the transactions very easy and convenient.
  12. In case of any emergency the card holder can redeem their card at any point without following any long procedure. Activation Procedure

Thinking about how to know whether your card has been activated? It’s too simple, in order to have a confirmation that your card has activated or not by just using the activation service “www americanexpress com confirmcard” . And if by chance your card is not activated you can follow simple steps to activate your card by surging through mentioned is the complete procedure which needs to be followed by the card holder in order to activate his/her card.
  1. First of all go to the official website of
  2. AMEX welcome page will appear on a new tab . There will be a box which would be guiding you in filling in certain details. In the given space fill your 15 digit number of American card/confirmcard.
  3. After filling the number, fill in your 4 digit security code in the space given.
  4. Once you fill in the details an option will appear before you which will be guiding you to register for new account.
  5. A link will be generated as soon as you start making new account. Click on that link and start to create new username and security code.
  6. Then follow the instructions step by step as given in order to activate your card. Procedure

Follow this procedure for Card Confirmation for AMEX Cards:

The Card Confirmation for AMEX Cards can be done by following the procedural steps given below:

  • The AMEX Cards are dispatched to the customers through the US Mail. The customers can confirm their credit card upon receipt.
  • The confirmation process requires the card number and the four digit card ID.
  • This confirmation process takes very little time and is usually done within just a few minutes.

The customers can use their AMEX Confirm Card anytime and anywhere throughout the territory of the USA, wherever the American Express service is in effect. According to the rules of the credit card confirmation process, the consumer must be 18 years or above in age and (s)he must have a valid physical address on which the AMEX Card can be issued. Non-abidance of any of these rules will lead to cancellation of your AMEX Card. Customer Service Forum

The  customer support service of American express is open 24*7. They provide complete remedy to their customers related to any query. The users of card just needs to dial helpline number and their difficulties related to any matter or situation can be solved in the least time. Moreover the support service of American express works towards providing effective remedy to their users in order to make their card experience better. There are two different helpline numbers provided to the customers one is for domestic and other for international . Those helpline numbers are mentioned below :

  • 1-800-954-0559 (Domestic)
  • 1-801-449-4019 (International)


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